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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my very first blog!

I thought it was about time I started blogging and keeping you up to date on all the news and events in The Giant Cupcake Shop kitchen.

Last weekend saw my first number 1 slot on and a massive share from with an unbelievable response - I am absolutely thrilled! It was for my McDonalds meal cake and the response to it has been absolutely staggering, to say the least.

It never ceases to amaze me how some cakes are received better than others and often it seems to be the ones that, as cake artists, we are most pleased with or have spent longest working on that do less well, whilst the ones that seem to just fall into place without much planning take us unaware and grab all the attention.

This particular cake was a very last minute order. My daughter works part time in McDonalds whilst she is studying for her A Levels and one of her favourite managers was being transferred to a different branch at very short notice. So (in true family/friends - “I need a cake favour…..” style) my daughter calmly asked if she could have a cake for 2 days’ time!

As any baker knows, squeezing something into an already packed cake diary like that is always tricky but I couldn’t let my daughter down so it was full steam ahead…….

As it was for one of their own staff (and we promised faithfully they would get the tray back!) McDonalds kindly agreed to lend me a tray to display the meal on and, apart from that and the packaging, everything on it was 100% edible.

The burger rolls were made from chocolate sponge and buttercream, with fondant decoration. (Dark chocolate ganache left with a rough texture was perfect for the burger layers.) I airbrushed the “rolls” to get the perfect oven baked shade and assembled them in exactly the right order under the constant scrutiny and watchful instruction of my daughter.

The milkshake cups were filled with layers of chocolate sponge and buttercream, the nuggets and mozzarella dippers were cake pop mixture formed into the relevant shapes and coated in finely crushed biscuit crumbs then, again the airbrush was perfect to give that “just baked” shade.

The French fries were my next task….the easy option would have been to simply cut the shapes from coloured fondant, but I’m never one to take the easy route and not many people like to munch on fondant alone. I decided to try making them from shortbread. It’s a great medium for things like this as you can cut it to shape prior to baking and it rarely expands or changes shape much. After one trial batch to see how they turned out I was thrilled to see that I had perfectly formed French fries. The trusty airbrush added the final touch to the ends to make them look deep fried with having to over bake them and make them too crunchy.

Finally the sauce – salted caramel dip replaced the BBQ sauce and the colour was perfect without any further tweaking or colouring.

The end result was amazingly realistic and, thankfully came together remarkably quickly.

Mr Cupcake and I couldn’t resist sitting in McDonalds whilst the lovely lady received her cake. The look on her face was priceless as she slowly realised that she was looking at cake and not just another tray of fast food.

There’s nothing like a flying hug of tearful gratitude from an emotional recipient to set me up for the day!

To top it all off I had such an amazing response to the pictures when I posted them on my Facebook page and

It never ceases to amaze me quite how lucky I am to have such a fab job! How many people get to do what they love all day long and get job satisfaction like that…..?

I love what I do SO much and I love that other people are so supportive of my creations too.

So there you have it - my very first little blog and a little insight into the “back story” of a cake order.

Stick with me and check in regularly for more of my cakey ramblings, news and gossip from the kitchen and first dibs on all the special offers……

Big hugs!!




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