Our recommended portion size is 2” x 1” and as all of our cakes are baked to a height of at least 41/2" we are sure that this will be an adequate size for you guests. If you choose to have fruit cake, the texture or your cake will enable you to slice a smaller 1” x 1”  portion, if you prefer. Of course, not all cake designs are straightforward shapes and sizes, some have deeper tiers and different arrangements so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at all. Cutting guides and templates can be supplied upon request. Please  also be aware that if the size and shape of wedding cake you choose does not meet your portion requirements, you can order additional ‘Cutting Cakes’, which are plain iced square cakes with your choice of filling, that your caterers can cut to make up the extra portions you require.


The guide below shows you as a rule of thumb what you'll get from each teir, obviously it depends on how generously you cut your portions.











Special dietary requirements...


For those that require special bakes to cater for allergies and special dietery requirements we are happy to offer egg free, dairy free and gluten free bakes upon request.


Whilst we are happy to offer nut free baking we cannot guarantee that all ingredients come from a 100% nut free environment as that would be beyond our control.


We are fully trained in allergy awareness and food hygiene so please contact us if you have ay questions or require any advice.


Flavours & Fillings


Just as important as choosing the design of your cake is the exciting job of choosing the delicious flavours for each tier. 
We have a scrumptious range of flavoured sponges, fruit cakes, speciality bakes and lots of yummy fillings for you to choose from. Check out our fabulous 'Fillings & Flavours' page.


Select from our list of suggested flavours or 'Contact Us' to request something different.