Our fabulous Donut Wall
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Our Donut Wall is a stylish way to add a little quirky elegance to your special day.

About our donuts:

Our wall is supplied with 8 different varieties of topped and filled ring donuts – enough choice to keep everyone happy!

These aren’t just standard donuts. They are generous in size, full of flavour and incredibly light and fluffy. Beautiful to look at, extremely tasty and guaranteed to still be fresh for your evening guests to enjoy! You will get a selection of 8 different donuts!

Here’s the selection you get:

  • Iced ring donut with strawberry flavour topping and sprinkles.

  • Iced ring donut with chocolate flavour topping and sprinkles

  • Iced ring donut with vanilla flavour topping and sprinkles

  • Clear glazed ring donut.

  • Sugared ring donut.

  • Filled caramel ring donut with a caramel filling, white topping and caramel flavour decoration.

  • Filled strawberry ring donut with a strawberry filling, red topping and sprinkles.

  • Filled triple chocolate ring donut with cream and chocolate filling, a cocoa topping and chocolate sprinkles.

Pick up & return by customer (24hr Hire):

Silver Package: £140.00

Wall hire plus 48 donuts.


Gold Package: £210.00

Wall hire plus 96 donuts*.

Delivery & collection by Amelia Rose (10 mile radius):

Silver Package: £165.00

Wall hire plus 48 donuts.


Gold Package: £235.00

Wall hire plus 96 donuts*.

*If you require larger quantities you can purchase additional donuts at £18.00 per dozen.


£100 security deposit required against loss or damage

Additional mileage beyond 10 mile radius charged at 50p per mile.