Delivery and Set Up


Many of our cake designs are very delicate and intricate and some are just so large that it would be impractical to travel with them pre-assembled. Whilst you are very welcome to come and collect them in person, we do highly recommend that you opt for our specialist delivery and set up service.


We will liaise directly with your venue to agree the convenient time to deliver, taking into account other factors such as climate, room dressing, other functions etc...


Cakes are delivered in professional, liveried company vehicles with a minimum of 2 uniformed members of staff. Your cake will be packaged safely and hygienically whilst in transit in an air conditioned environment.


On arrival, staff will ensure that the designated cake display table is in a safe, appropriate position and is both strong enough and level to support your cake.


Your cake will then be brought in and unpacked, maintaining strict hygiene standards, and then assembled and dressed with the appropriate décor as previously requested by you.


We are prepared for all eventualities and will bring tools, spare flowers, fruit, decoration etc. as appropriate. Your cake will be stacked, dressed and checked with a spirit level to ensure that is perfectly level thus avoiding any danger of collapse. 


Photographs will be taken to document the condition your cake has been left in and a member of staff or nominated person will be asked to check the cake over and sign an acceptance form confirming that it is all perfect.


This is not a timed service - staff will only leave the premises when they are 100% satisfied that your cake is absolutely perfect no matter how long that takes them.


Charges for this service start at a flat rate of £40 (within a 20 mile radius of our premises).  


If your venue is beyond the 20 mile radius we can still deliver - this will be charged at the standard flat rate of £40 plus an additional 50p per mile (return trip). For out of county orders we will also apply £25 per hour labour charge for the incurred travelling time.

We think you’ll agree that it is worth every penny to ensure that your cake is in immaculate condition and you that have been spared the stress of transit.