I just wanted to keep you informed of the current working plan in view of the Corona situation.

The studio has operated on an appointment only basis since long before the virus occurred so has always had very limited exposure to visitors, and is already a very controlled environment.

For the foreseeable future all non-essential visitors (including consultations for future orders) have been cancelled and will not have access to the studio. Additional sanitising protocol has been established in line with current advice and will be observed at all times.

It is my intention to ensure that ALL orders are fulfilled to the highest standards and that my customers will have no impact from the unfortunate situation we are all currently experiencing.

Please be assured that contingency has been made to minimise the risk of any disruption from our side.

Most importantly - I already have plans in place with several other professional bakers of impeccable standing whereby we will provide a 'buddy system' for each other. In the event of illness or isolation, someone else will step in to ensure orders are fulfilled safely and to the required specification and standard.

VERY worst case scenario would mean that I can loan wedding couples a display cake from the studio so that they have something for their photos and we would then arrange refund depending on circumstances. If the cancellation is from the client then the policy is clearly set out in the contract we have in place and reiterated in the terms and conditions published on my website.


I hope this reassures everyone as much as possible.


I really have covered as many bases as possible in my business plan but if you have any specific questions then just drop me a message and I'll do my best to address them.


Stay well everyone.



Coronavirus - Business Plan